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SA Tabernacle is a congregation of believers in Jesus Christ who are working to see 24/7 worship and prayer realized in our city. Inspired by the Tabernacle of David and God’s promise to rebuild it in the last days in all nations for all nations, we will not let our city be passed by with what God is doing.

It is our conviction that the church around the earth is in the beginning of a mighty shift. All over the planet, houses, communities, and regions of continuous prayer and worship are being raised up to declare the infinite worth and supremacy of Jesus over the world. We believe that Yahweh is in the midst of gathering His people into a global ‘upper-room’ to usher in a restorative move of His presence that will bring many sinners to repentance and breathe eternal life into the church. He is doing this through communities of prayer. When I look across church landscape, I cannot help but take notice of the priority that God is giving to the ministry of intercession and adoration.

We believe that our city is next! Our mission is to seek out and partner with those around the city who have a heart for constant adoration of Jesus and partnership with His will through unceasing prayer in San Antonio. We also desire to engage in calling others into the place of intimacy with God, prayer, and worship. To be a voice releasing a cry to see the urgency of the hour in which we live and draw near to The Father and begin to ask for Jesus’ inheritance: the Nations.

Our Vision is to see 24/7 worship and prayer realized in our city through a congregation given to fasting, prayer, and worship as a lifestlye. That incense would rise day and night to the throne of God while being accessible and available for public participation and community healing. That this coming together to draw near to God would not only unleash a mighty move of God’s presence, but that His presence would literally find a place to rest in San Antonio. That we will be a home built by God through individuals whom He is fashioning as living stones of humility and contrition. A company of people who tremble at His word, singing Him new songs of thanks, calling on His name, making known His mighty works, and to usher in a cultural and moral revolution that will heal our land because God finds rest in San Antonio.

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