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24/7 Prayer

The vision of the One Church Citywide Watch is to establish a canopy of 24/7 prayer, praise and worship in the community. The first step is to find thirty churches who will commit to pray one day per month every month (2nd Thursday, 3rd Friday, etc). Together, these churches will help establish 24/7 prayer and begin setting an atmosphere for God’s abiding presence in our churches and region.  Each church is free to divide their 24-hour day of prayer as they see fit (usually into 24 one-hour segments or 48 30-minute segments).

The committed pray-ers can pray from home, with their families, workplace, local church prayer room, or city-wide house of prayer.


Strategic Prayer

Each local church is asked to pray first for their local congregation and then branch out from there to pray for the citywide church, and then the 7 spheres of influence that disciple society. Below are links to the City Reachers’ prayer targets for each of the 7 spheres that they make available for intercessors in our city:

Pray for the church

Pray for families

Pray for education

Pray for the arts and entertainment

Pray for the government

Pray for business

Pray for media


To sign up send us a message through the “Contact” Tab above. We’re happy to hear from you.

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