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The SA Tabernacle staff works for the purpose of uniting the church of Jesus Christ in San Antonio through unceasing worship and prayer. We live in the facilities at the Highland Terrace Outreach Center where we hold the majority of our weekly prayer and worship sets. We are here first to minister to the Lord by following the instructions to the singers laid out by King David in 1 Chronicles 16:8-36 when he brought the ark of God’s presence back to Jerusalem. By prioritizing prayer and worship first we are laying the biblical foundation that precedes and fuels all other Christian ministry: Before Jesus sent His disciples out He said to “Pray earnestly to The Lord of the harvest” (Matt 9:36-10:1). The first gospel crusade that brought in thousands to the kingdom was birthed from a prayer meeting in which the apostolic witness was restored (Acts 1-2). Paul was launched out on heavenly assignment while gathered with believers that were ministering to the Lord (Acts 13:2). Evidenced through his letters, Paul’s prayer life never cooled down but was always active and ever-increasing the rest of his life. Inspired by knowing God (John 17:3), the Tabernacle David, and the many examples throughout church history, we are here to pray and worship.

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David & Ali Brown are high-school sweethearts that married in 2002, and within a few years, welcomed two lively boys into their hearts. Both were brought up in Christian homes with godly parents. Ali has always been true to the faith and has been gifted with music and singing from a young age. Because of her devoted love for Jesus, she has always been drawn to worship. Ali is a gifted prophetic worshiper and is an anointed teacher.

David and Ali have a powerful testimony of restoration. This took place when David came to The Lord after being separated from Ali for a time. Since then, David has given his life to know God and to help others know Him. He is a passionate and convicting speaker whose one mission is to get you connected with God and His heart.

This family felt called to sell their home and live as missionaries right here in San Antonio. They have been given the honor, among others, of living at The Highland Terrace Outreach Center operated by The Rev Ministries ( This opportunity has given them the freedom to work in the city of San Antonio for rebuilding the Tabernacle of David.  They have a passion for prayer, worship, study in the scriptures, and seeing people get awakened by The Holy Spirit.


Chris and Ashley Ward met in 2012 when they both found themselves being called to a new church. With a little help and matchmaking from Ali Brown they began dating and were married in October 2013. They were both raised in loving, Christian homes in the San Antonio area.

Chris is a quiet, humble man. He is a gifted drummer as well as an avid sound engineer. He has a true servant heart and seeks the Lord in all situations. He has a passion for the Word of God and desires to support this prayer movement as it changes not only our city, but our nation as well.

Ashley has a tender heart for worship. The Lord often gives her visions and glimpses into the spiritual realm. She is a gifted singer and a writer whose desire is to see the hearts of man turn to the Lord in true worship. She believes that through music and song the miraculous can be manifest in our city.

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